John Dowler's face, reflected as if in a melting block of ice below him.

Grafton Lake Lands

Suite of materials to support a land use proposal for Grafton Lake, at the centre of Bowen Island, BC. The development would create a over 240-acre nature preserve around the lake and elsewhere on the property create small homes on small lots. Project featured a long period of public engagement and communications to get to the project approval. Next work will include wayfaring and interpretive material for the nature preserve.

Photography, drone photography, video, graphics, site design, build, writing, public engagement, facebook, blog, proposal book, digital maps, liaison, slideshows, presentation, posters, brochures

“The spiral bound version, is fantastic. All those involved in its production have gone way beyond anything one could imagine. Fantastic work. This proposal should be a great motivator for all people, more matter how small or large their stake. Overwhelming.” – L.W.

Bowen Trails

The Bowen Trails website features an interactive map of Bowen Island trails, parks, government land and other features. There are linked videos, some popup information as well.

Site design, build, graphics, GIS mapping, interactive map, community liaison, photography, interpretive slideshow, writing

Page one of the heritage trail websites, about the Steamer Wharf on old Bowen Island. A photo of people in the 1920s in the dance hall.

Bowen Virtual Heritage Trail

I extended Bowen Trails with a virtual heritage trail of physical signs linking to web pages with photos and historic information – work is ongoing. The project was supported by Heritage BC and Tourism BC, knowledgeable Bowenians and several Bowen Island organizations.

Site design, build, graphics, GIS mapping, interactive map, update of community liaison, writing, wayfaring signage

Website with a large graphic image of a young woman leaning against a TV, lying on a cound, holding pizza, while a tiny nuclear bomb goes off on the arm of thecount and three crows pour beer onto it.

David The Survivor

Collateral for graphic novel series including an introductory video, a Patreon page, two websites and captioning of the novel.

Site design, build, graphics, graphic novel captioning, project management, Patreon setup, Facebook setup, writing, video

A shadowy figure walking into a misty forest. The title is Why is Skip McRobert? Who is Skip McRobert. And the cover of the graphic novel David the Survivor.

Skip McRobert

Author website for creator of the David the Survivor series of graphic novels. Helped conceive two worlds for two connected websites, one inside the world of the graphic novels, and another for the author’s persona.

site design, site content incl. graphics, build, writing, blog, liaison

The Title is Jude Neale : poet and vocalist. The subtitle is Voice from teh Wildherness, and Jude herself with purple hair, leaning into pink flower.A rough wall with large titles etched into it, sucah as Stranded on the Other Side.

Jude Neale

Website for award-winning poet and singer Jude Neale. We included an audio interface for listening to her read from her work to audiences.

Design, build, integrate audio

The home page of Bowen Homes, featuring a large image of a cedar shake house with a green metal roof overlooking the ocean.

Bowen Homes

The realty company of Dee Elliott, Frazer Elliott and Mary Lynn Machado on Bowen Island, BC. First built a custom database site in the first decade of the century, then did a complete redesign with much more functionality in 2017.

graphics, site design, site and real estate software configuration and customization.

“Like it! A lot! Thanks a ton!” – F.E.

“This was an email I received from a client: ‘We chose you because you seemed to have the nicest website! ‘ 🙂 – D.E.

Home page of - the title read Charles Robichaurd, Motion Picture Editor. A moody, sepia tone image of a scarecrow in a field, a portrait of the editor at work and the large quotation from Alfred Hitchcock that drama is life with the dull bits cut out.

Charles Robichaud

A website showcase of the work of Charles Robichaud, c.c.e., featuring videos hosted and configured on Vimeo and served in galleries on the website.

site design and build, graphics, Vimeo config, galleries

A sepia image of the interior of Bowen Island's classic Snug Café. Title reads the Snug on Bowen Coffee House. A row of square photos of the wooden building and the staff.

The Snug Café

Worked with restauranteur and bon vivant Piers Hayes on website to present the menu, express the mood and show how the café is at the heart of the Bowen community.

Site design, build, graphics, writing, slideshow

The website of Curt Griffiths, Criminologist. The website is a riot of colour. At centre a portrait of Curt Griffiths.

Curt Griffiths, PhD

Website for criminologist Curt Griffiths. Challenge was to challenge a banal academic look for something more kinetic, without relying on stereotypical imagery. Harder than it sounds, I created graphics abstracting the standard stock images to give them a different feeling.

Graphic design and concept, site design and build, writing, blog

“Thanks for all of your hard work on this John. It looks awesome!” – C.G.

Home page of Defend Island Forests website. Shows a high elevation image of Howe Sound with Bowen Island in the centre, and large patches of red scattered on it. These are areas that could be logged.

Defend Island Forests

In the early summer of 2017 Bowen Island was told that a process leading to industrial logging had begun on Bowen Island. I helped coordinate a campaign to push back, and the community action persuaded the logging agency to leave us out of their plans – for now. Read the full story on the website.

Community liaison, poster, brochures, campaign concept, website, elevations showing areas to be logged and viewscapes, video, writing.