Galileo with calipers and a world globe.


Bowen Trails

This interactive trail map is built using GPS data provided from several sources, including the Bowen Island Municipality, rotary club, and my own travels with a GPS device. The features are added and the layers compiled for serving on the web using Carto. The layers are edited in Quantum GPS, an open source GIS program similar to ARC-GIS. A ‘you are here’ feature was coded by Tom Carchrae. You can find some popup features by clicking icons. Try clicking the otter in Snug Cove.

Mapping, GIS editing, feature writing and editing, community liaison, web design and build.

A map showing a lake with green areas of land around it. To the east and south are projected neighborhoods.

Grafton Lake Proposal

This map was created from several sources in a graphic editing program. Biologist Alan Whitehead provided the original contours, architect James Tuer created the land plan and original imagery, and I liberally adapted these for use in the final map and legend.

Graphic design, GIS overlay, liaison

View corridors

This series of landscape models was created using Google Earth. Google offers many map-related services. This one enables the designer to overlay polygons and other details, then animate a fly-through. This video was made to bring to light the potential impact of logging on view corridors on Bowen Island and the surrounding region.

GIS mapping, Google Earth animation

Composite: Aerial map of Snug Cove with old land plan overlaid 

While working on the Bowen Trails Heritage Trail, I came across a land plan for the hotel and resort that covered Snug Cove and Mannion Bay. Out of curiousity I blended it over top of a modern aerial photo of Snug Cove, Bowen Island today. The results remind me of the satellite images that reveal ancient ruins. Time is always a theme in photography. I have a photo series called ‘Ephemera‘, in which I play with extended exposure to photograph people, and see how we look in a wider ‘now’.

Graphic design, research, blueprint overlay Save