A man from a victorian wood cut falling through the air.


Fly Over Grafton

This project was a gas – using a drone to explore a rainforest. It depicts this beautiful lake and the forests and wetlands around it from all levels. This is the site of the future Art Rennison Nature Preserve. The first minute gives the background, and there is description of our public engagement as well.

Drone photography, video concept and editing, public engagement, branding, writing, social media

David the Survivor

Video introduction to this knowingly strange graphic novel series. The challenge was to convey a sense of mystery, meaning and motion with still images and spare captions.

Graphic design, branding, video concept and editing

Revolution at the Art Gallery – 2011

On September 17, 2011, a poster in Vancouver-based magazine AdBusters spawned an occupation by people of all ages, many in tents, on Wall Street in New York. At the same time, similar occupations occured all over North America and elsewhere in the world. These are my photographs of the event as it unfolded around the Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver.

Photography, video