A monk in an old black and white woodcut working on a manuscript and wearing a bright orange fright wig.

Write unto others as you would have them write unto you

Important as graphic elements are to digital media, text is often the key content for your audience.

We all know that it needs to be concise to meet the short timespans people have. It needs to be semantically rich enough for search engines to show it in their results.

Good writing simplifies complicated ideas, and avoids common misunderstandings. It can invite, entertain, and quickly express the information visitors should get from the project. And most important: it’s honest.

Many clients have already developed excellent copy for other aspects of their projects before designing their online presence. They may want to be the hands-on editor of their sites and social media.

I can prepare a first draft for them to play with, or finished copy to convey their ideas. I set up social media sites and suggest a strategy for using them, then they take over from there.