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Strategy can simplify

A digital media strategy is the guiding plan for  what to communicate and how. I help people clarify their strategy, so they know how each element supports the project. It can encompass your website, interactive features, email campaign, social media presence, video page and any other digital and printed collateral for your project.

A good strategy describes the project as a whole, why you’re doing it and what makes it unique. It lists the minimum elements that need to be in place before it can be launched, and how the project will grow in future. It steers away from rabbitholes. 

The plan considers the people who will be using your digital media, what’s in it for them and how easy we can make it for them to do that. It includes a definition of success for the project, and a way to measure it. The written strategy may simply be notes taken at a meeting, or a fully detailed document.

A string of decisions may come up during digital projects. Having a clear strategy makes them simpler to make.