Project Description

Grafton Lake Lands

This is an ongoing, full spectrum project. Working for Primex Ltd. and Bowen Island developer John Reid, I created a suite of assets as well as a public engagement process in advance of the municipal approval process. I was fortunate to photograph the area in all seasons, from the ground and by drone from the air. Assets included a website, digital maps, a comprehensive project proposal book, posters, Facebook presence, newspaper ads, community liaison and many other roles.

It’s been a pure pleasure working in particular with John Reid, whose vision for the island includes preserving 50% or more of the natural habitat in his developments. In this case a central goal of advancing the housing development was funding the creation of a 240-acre nature preserve around Grafton Lake in the centre of Bowen Island. The coming neighborhoods of small houses on small lots and some multifamily buildings addresses a need clearly voiced by the community over the last several years, and during our engagement with people on Bowen to find out what theythought about the idea. They were overwhelmingly positive, and the project is nearing final approval. In future I’ll be working on wayfaring and interpretive displays for the preserve, and marketing for homes.

Skills used on the project