Photo: a two-headed giraffe is actually one standing behind the other, a visual metaphor for the importance of clear communication.


Writing, Editing, Formating

Will your message be understood?

Web sites, proposals, reports, scripts...
Cosmic Idea helps untie the knots, points out the gaffes and two-headed giraffes.

Will your message be complete?

Missing information can cause confusion. We can check the who, what, when, where, why and how, clearly expressing all your ideas in perfect English.

Do spellcheckers understand English? Nope. Only people do!

WIll your text achieve other objectives?

Your main goal may be to inform people, but it can also motivate people to try something new. Meanwhile, in a website, text can be used to attract traffic through search engines, and can be used to link to other related information. Having a strategy can help you choose how to express your ideas.l