of a Website

1. The Visible Page

A webpage is a document presenting text, images, sounds and/or other elements on the Internet through a browser program. If a web site has more than one page, each page will have links to one or more of the others. Main navigation links lead to sections, subnavigation links lead to the pages within a section. Usually each page has a title and possibly a logo.

Web pages vary to suit the type of information they contain. Most sites include contact information. Photos and other images are common. Galleries present small versions of images called thumbnails, which when clicked take the visitor to full-size versions. Text is generally organized into columns, just as in a print document.

To see what's 'under the hood', see "The Code". For more info, follow the hotlinks in the right column of this page.

This graphic image labels the parts of a web page, such as the navigation art, navigation links, main text, links, images and other elements.