Needs Analysis

This is not a quiz, but a way to start thinking about your project. It will also help in budgeting and planning. If you would like to send it, click the Submit button when you're finished. If you'd just like to keep it for your own planning, just print out a copy.

If you don't know the answer to a question, simply leave it blank. To select more than one item from a list, click while holding down the CTRL key (PCs) or the Command key (Macs).

Today's date:
Name of your organization:
Your first name:
Your last name:
Email address:
Phone number:
What general services are you considering? (To select more than one item, select each while holding down the Control or Command key.)
Preferred project start date:
Preferred date of completion:
What is your project about?
Your mission statement, if you have one:
What are the main points you'd like to cover?
Who do you feel is your main target audience?
What do you think these people want or need?
Who are your other target audiences?
What do you think these folks want or need from this project?
How would you describe the 'attitude' of this site or print project? (For example, conservative, funky, elegant, informal, inspiring...)
Are there any misconceptions about your idea, product or service you'd like to address?
What other marketing is ongoing or planned?
Can you provide any photos, graphics or text for the project? If so, what?
Are you satisfied with your existing logo?
What are your corporate colours?
What printed materials are you considering?
If you're looking for another form of print materials, please describe:
Would you like us to help with the writing?
The following questions apply to Web work only. If not applicable, please skip to the end and click on 'submit'.
Which web pages do you think you'll want (if applicable)?
What other pages do are you considering?
What other site content are you considering?
Is there other content you'd like?
Which types of forms are you interested in, if any?
Is there another type of form you'd like?
What other Web services are you considering?
Would you like another type of service?
If you were to look for your site in Google, what query words do you think you would type in?
Please list one or more URLs for sites that you like:
Please list one or more URLs for sites that you really don't like:
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