An inukshuk silhooetted by a colourful Vancouver, BC, sunset. Cosmic has the vision to bring your web site and print materials design to life.

Why Cosmic Idea?

The Vision

A cosmic idea crystallizes a pool of information into a clear statement and a visual metaphor, creating both a compelling message and a hint of something higher. We and our clients care about more than simply our businesses: by helping each other we help bring the world into harmony.

The Service

  • We have the lowest prices in the Lower Mainland, for the high degree of quality we provide
  • We can integrate the look of your site with your business cards, brochures, displays and everything else you need.
  • We listen; your site will reflect your attitudes and personal style
  • We explain; we avoid techobabble to help you understand the medium and the process so you can feel confident with your site.
  • We remain: always available to answer your questions long after the site is up.

The Sites, Graphics and Words

  • Compelling design invites clients to explore
  • The art and tech don’t compete
  • The words are accurate, clear and compelling
  • We think from the visitors’ point of view; navigation is easy and intuitive
  • We think in terms of clear visual metaphors. Graphics, animations and other mixed media supply clear information or support the message, rather than undermining it.

The Main Guy

  • certified in online publishing, diploma’d in music, schooled in the arts, experienced in office management
  • A professional writer, I can polish text that suits the medium
  • Extensive experience in web development, writing, graphic design and photography.
  • Cheerful and easy to work with
  • No bureaucracy!
  • Proficient with HTML, XHTML, CSS, etc.
  • Proficient with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Word, Excel, etc.
  • Proficient with Wordpress, Joomla and other content management systems

The Associates

  • links to other professionals in specialties ranging from film-making to database development