A huge boulder is being dug out of a road in this image. Similarly, a good site redesign can turn an obstacle into an avenue of communication.

Web Site Design

Site Redesign

A well-designed web site can facilitate communication with people around the world, around the clock. By the same token, a bad site can sour your image just as effectively. Your site may benefit from a few quick strokes or a full make-over.

If you don't know already, your clients can tell you if you need to update your site. They may notice:

  • design that looks old-fashioned
  • broken links, missing pages
  • out-of-date information, misinformation
  • errors in punctuation, spelling or grammar
  • inconsistent or confusing navigation
  • lack of interesting content
  • pages that require lots of scrolling
  • ugly colours or layout
  • visually boring pages
  • layout that looks broken in current browsers
  • a site that looks significantly worse than the competitors'

Meanwhile, you can find out if your site is attracting and holding new visitors by reviewing your site statistics. Most web hosts offer some way to track how many people visit, how long they stay, and which pages they prefer. Other tools can let you know if your site appears in search engine listings. You may have problems in the code that while not visible on the page could lead to trouble:

  • embedded formatting code, which slows down page-loading and makes updating difficult
  • deprecated code; expressions that no longer work
  • inconsistent code, which worked in older more forgiving browsers but not in modern, standards-compliant ones
  • lack of title, description, keywords or alt tags to help search engines index your site
  • spam coded added by hackers to promote their own products

Cosmic can revise your site to any degree that will help, advising you on things you can do yourself and taking care of the tricky bits.