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Web Site Design

Create your own site with professional help, or let us take care of everything.

Cosmic Idea can work with you to make your web site using text and/or images you create by yourself. If you prefer, Cosmic will happily write, design and build your Web site for you from scratch. We can also significantly upgrade your existing site. We don't do 'generic'; each design is unique. Check out a portfolio of sites by Cosmic.

With a strong grounding in the arts, Cosmic suits creative professionals as well as those who appreciate a creative approach. Our sites look just as good 'under the hood', where our coding standards are certified by the World Wide Web Consortium, the governing body of the Internet (see logos in sidebar). This means that Cosmic sites are also 'future-compatible'.

In addition to general services for everyone, we specialize in sites for people in creative and intuitive professions. See 'Hot Topics' in the sidebar for a few examples.

For more information about what goes into a site and how to plan it, check out the Start section, or follow some of the Hot Topic links from this page. For background information about working with Cosmic and getting the most from your web site, look to the Ideas section.

If you're still deciding whether to work on a project with Cosmic Idea, you could visit the Why Cosmic Idea? page. For some ideas on what we do, check out What Cosmic Can Do For You for a listing of our services.


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