graphic design samples, business cards, brochures, book layouts by John Dowler, Cosmic Idea Web and Word Design

Print Media

The text and graphic content that we prepare for use on the Internet can also be re-purposed for print materials. Conversely, graphics and text created for business cards, brochures and reports can often be utilized for the Web. At Cosmic we always keep the full cycle in mind, so that your print and web materials match effortlessly.

Graphics for web and print

Graphics for print bring together logos, drawings, photos, graphs and other elements. We can mold your information into many forms, including business cards, bookmarks, brochures, book covers and layouts, print ads and reports. They also form an excellent basis for your web site, as the web is such a visual medium. See a few examples.

Photography is our specialty, and a very powerful way to convey your message. Read more about this on the Photography page.

Original or Stock - Cosmic creates original graphics and photos, but can also offer stock images at very reasonable rates. Stock images are collected by large companies sourcing ideas from creative professionals all over the globe. Sometimes this is a faster or less expensive alternative to creating custom graphics. While you would seldom use unaltered stock images for a logo, they often come in handy when sprucing up an otherwise visually bland text page.