Portrait of John Dowler, web designer with a friendly face.

John Dowler

the 'main mind'
behind Cosmic Idea

With a wide-ranging background in technology and the arts, John brings a creative touch to every project. A certified online publisher, he has designed for web and print for over fifteen years. His creative resumé includes writing, photography, graphic art, music, film and theatre. He specializes in communicating the vision of creative and intuitive professionals.


Please contact Cosmic. We will find a creative way to help you within your budget.

Services are generally billed at $50/hour CDN. The first hour of consultation is free, to help build a relationship that will foster your best work.

You can prepare by exploring the Start section. In particular, you may find the Needs Analysis useful in planning. It can be submitted directly by email. In the meantime, check out some testimonials.

Email: jdowler@cosmicidea.com

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